Monday, March 14, 2011

Sariska- Bhangarh trip

PART-2 (13th March,2011)

We headed for the forest again to take the gypsy safari but since we were a little late, we decided to visit Bhangarh first and then take the safari in the evening. About Bhangarh it is said that it is a haunted place and the ASI has officially warned people to stay off this place before dawn and after dusk. Paranormal behaviour is noticed here during dark. There is an old 7 storey fort set amidst hills on 3 sides.It makes for a beauiful sight. We went around, took photographs and returned. The only paranormal thing was when we were asked not to laugh by the fort sweeper :P

The fort from a distance

Back we were to Sariska with the hope of spotting the tiger again. After moving around in the gypsy for some time we suddenly heard the deer giving out alarm calls. And we knew we were very close to spotting the tiger. We kept following the alarm call. It started coming from different parts of the hill. It meant the tiger was on the move. We kept following the sounds till we reached a narrow path. We noticed a few other gypsies in front of us. They had stopped at some distance and a lady was animatedly pointing towards our right. We all looked towards in that direction. At 10 feet distance stood a Tigress staring straight at us. And the bone chilling effect was back again. We were stuck with vehicles both in front and behind us. Our driver steered us towards a slope. From there we saw it move towards the hill top. The black and yellow stripes glistened brightly in the evening sun. The grace of the animal captivated all of us. We were so panick striken we couldnt click a single photograph of this beautiful animal. Cameras fumbled in our hands at its sight. But we were all happy and satisfied to have viewed this elusive spectacle.

We mounted our bikes and started our return journey. We made our way through the valleys, plains, trucks and traffic and back we were to our respective homes after a 10 hour ride. Out of all our trips so far this has been the most physically challenging and adventurous one. We enjoyed ever bit of it. Thanx to the group that was so enthusiastic about this all the way through.

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