Tuesday, February 23, 2010

JC jaisi koi nahi

Well the name sounds familiar, isnt it? But let me tell you the experience was out of the blue. Last weekend(Vday one) 6 of us from Samsung organised a trip to JC(JIM CORBETT National Park). A 6 hours road trip from Noida. We all packed ourselves in a Travera and off we were at 0500hrs.

Day 1
The lush green fields, the "sarson ke kheth" the fresh air were just the prelude to the opera..A road trip can be so much more fun and obviously more expensive...We reached Ramnagar at around 12 and got to know that there were no trips available that day. So we checked into a hotel and decided to visit another jungle Sitavani that day. It had happened to be the first jungle ride for all of us. We had a Maruti gypsy to safari us around. We managed to spot a few deers(Sambar, barking deer..). Had a round of photo session near a stream where supposedly a tiger had killed a woman a few days back.. :)
Came back to the hotel and we all got involved in a heated discussion over indian politics, sex education,relationship and whatever..and as the smoke of Classics and Marlboros rose and the intoxication of the Haywards and Signatures settled we silently faded away into the night

Day 2

0600 hrs..Our gypsy had been parked.And we were all ready for the ultimate..28km from ramnagar is the Durgadevi entrance. There are 2 more entrances at Dhikala and Bijrani which are nearer to Ramnagar. No sooner we entered the gate of the forest the temperature and the noise both dropped. We were in tiger land......
Undulating terrain, thick dense forest, and an ever growing anticipation of spotting a tiger. The feeling just cant be qwertyed down. We narrowly missed a glimpse as it passed a stream. We waited anxiously but it was not to be. The quest continued but just the deers to be satisfied with..
We halted at a location in the middle of the jungle where we had a photo session. We had Bala's Nikon SLR D3000 for capturing the magic moments. A million dollar baby i must say. Kaal movie was shot in this forest.
Enthralled by the total experience we came back. Packed our bags and bid goodbye to this awesome land..
Thanks to our group- bala, yash, sam,chetan,dipesh who agreed to the plan overnight.

PS- If anybody is contemplating making a trip to JC make it 2 months in advance and try to stay overnight in Dhikala. You can make bookings in advance at the govt. resorts. It will be much more fun..Have fun..