Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bash at Rangeen's

It was 5th of July,09. The day began at 4:15 in the morning. Myself, anish,avishek and kaushik were supposed to board Rupasi bangla at 6 am from howrah. But as expected kaushik da lived upto his expectation. Late again!!!!!!!!! Even though the train had left the station we convinced the ticket vendor that it had'nt. We convinced ourselves by spotting some other train in some other platform that it was Rupasi bangla.Well.....desperation you see

An hour at the platform and then we boarded Ispat express for Kharagpur.And decided to take a bus from there on..We also got Rajesh,enroute to Jamshedpur, to accompany us. It was a long time after which we had boarded a train with an authentic ticket and boastfully faced the TTE. And next we had the 'hijras'. Not boastful anymore.. "student hai...chutta nahi hai..naukri nahi hai..." They were not too convinced.One did away with my aviators and refused to return....till i threatened. Not sure i did a very manly thing. Not boastful again...
We took a bus from Kharagpur and reached Middnapore/Mednipore(whichever). Rangeen came to pick us up in his car.We reached his flat/flats(he has many) and were treated to a sumptuos breakfast by his jethi..There was a cute member in his family...BHUDO..the feline member..though the most useless pet anyone can have..We moved to his parent's flat and 2 of his school friends joined us...and ofcourse Anindya..TUMPA brand ambassador. Together we had lunch..Menu???..well too many items..leave..people who have sen rangeen will not be surprised..
In the evening we went to eco park(i overheard nicco park)..Nothing exciting..But then Rangeen while reversing his car got stuck in a drain..It needed around 10-12 people to push it out. For the first time i dint see Rangeen using his line "eta to pati...." :P
Well after dinner it was time for booze..Royal challenge & vodka..still now "boozete pari na" why these people drink..anywhere anytime any occasion..HUH!!!!!!!!!!!!
They kept me awake till 4 in the morning while i DJ'd all along....Next morning we all got ready,had lunch and boarded Aranyak exp. in the evening.
Rangeen will be leaving this month end for Bangalore, Anindya got his that very morning..Not often will we have such get togethers. The blog might have gone big but every moment i spent recollecting the trip was worth it..Ultimately we all got the taste of TUMPA land..