Sunday, September 28, 2008

Single room @ nit durgapur

Present residence Hall 5 room 214 (not 221)... so to say single tryst with single room began on 28th july 2008 when i landed directly from varanasi after attending a successful ssb for the indian air force.....first locked no key...somehow managed the key from the estate section..opened the site damp room smelling aweful sweaty rooms..and to add to it...god damned sweaty floors..ok let me clarify..the floor of the room was getting flooded after every few minutes....i just couldnt find out the reason..somehow cleaned the room the fan.the shelves, arranged my bedding and luggage that my friends had kept quite safely.....the day past with my room a virtual swimming day i got hold of the contractor who took me to the terrace and showed me that a pipe had been stolen which led to the leakage..there was water flowing constantly and was the reason.....but why my room !!!!....i have a special relation with the number 214 and damp walls...and 1 more thing ill tell day i called up the maintanence enggineer and thanx to my "ex ags" factor the work got done....but who would stop the rains...i still had damp walls....anyway that was something i had started living with..
the very next thing i did was to buy an odonil(lavender flavour) to drive out the pungency that was very irritating...i was a bit week got my computer,brought room was getting a makeover..

The thing about single rooms is that you can pace your life according to your will..keep it as dirty as you like..sleep and rise at your will..even if you want to eat something that your mother has sent and dont want anybody to share it with, single room is the place..if you have a girlfriend or are trying to woo your friends' girlfriend, single room is the place..something for the bookworms tooo...
Almost 4 months now in a single be honest have loved this solitude...still enjoying it...except for a few people bugging at times while they come to fill water at the aquaguard near my room is a pit stop....anyway..cutting it here....5 more months..probably something more to write later